Our Services

At 3MG we know that our customers are our greatest asset and we are dedicated to providing each of our clients excellence through stewardship. Our goal is to be organized, reliable and professional in every aspect of our business and particularly in our service to our clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with exemplary customer service by tailoring our services and programs to each client’s individual needs. Our dedicated personnel bring a combination of education and experience that helps us serve an array of seed production and research needs.

Our Complete Service meets every nursery need from seed arrival to seed timely return:

  • Practicing Excellence Through Stewardship on every project
  • Timely project progress Information provided by Project Manager
  • Complete crop care using our annual Agronomic Testing trial information
  • Follow specialized instructions down to the last detail

We offer extensive research for Vegetable and Grain Crops in such diverse areas as:

  • 3MG Research Capabilities Efficacy Trials for Lepidopteron Insects
  • Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides
  • Fertility Trials
  • Irrigation Trials
  • Vegetable Disease

3MG provides professional consulting services in such areas as:

  • Selection of Breeding Nurseries
  • Genetic Gain in every generation
  • Targeted Trait Breeding Opportunities
  • Winter Continuous Nursery Operation Audits
  • Efficiency Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Drip Irrigation System and Methodology Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Spraying Equipment Evaluation and Audits
  • Pest Control Program Evaluation and Recommendations

Breeding and Selection services are available for any project grown at 3MG on a consulting fee basis. 3MG can manage special or high priority breeding projects for you.

For detailed descriptions and a complete list of services, please visit our individual Locations pages.