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3MG caters a large number of services to fit all your needs. Our personnel is ready and willing to provide you with the highest quality support for your project. Here is a list of some of the services we provide.

Winter / Continuous Nursery

At the forefront of our services are our skilled personnel and an understanding that timing and accuracy is key to our handling of your genetics. Our Complete Service meets every nursery need from seed arrival to seed timely return.

Crop Development Services available for all crops (We have grown 20 different crops to date)

Regulated Materials Nursery

3MG upholds the highest business practices to ensure the smooth run of every project. Our first class track record working with regulated traits has been audited through surprise and scheduled visits by the EPA, USDA, Excellence Through Stewardship and by the trait providers themselves. Due to the nature of regulated nurseries as well as the additional responsibilities and requirements involved, a prior assessment will be performed and a cropping plan put in place in order to determine timelines, isolation time, isolation distance, containment requirements, monitoring and reporting requirements during and after field cropping.

3MG has developed a set of performance standards to be used in regulated field trials.

Double Contra Services

Start selling your new corn hybrid varieties one season ahead of the competition with this unique and comprehensive service, providing two crop cycles in one winter nursery season. The Double Contra Seed increase program allows you to go from a few pounds of seed to many bushels in one winter season. This program facilitates summer corn hybrid production in your home environment. With an up front investment on the rapid seed-stock increase you will have profitability for your newest material during the first year by avoiding winter hybrid production. This allows you to take charge of your business by knowing what quantities of seed you have to sell of your newest hybrids at the traditional time of year

Plant / Crop Breeding

Breeding and Selection services are available for any project grown at 3MG on a consulting fee basis. 3MG can manage special or high priority breeding projects for you. We offer a large variety of specialized nurseries such as:
  • Conversion Nurseries
  • Regulated Conversion Nurseries
  • Modified Single Seed Decent (MSSD) Nurseries – The same development time frame as Di-Haploid Breeding with managed selection pressure all the way to inbred.
  • Targeted Trait Breeding
  • Lepidopteron and Disease Tolerance Breeding (No Spray)

Agronomic Testing

3MG Caribe is always looking for new products, systems and methods to manage the cropping challenges that we face growing a temperate crop in the tropics. We review and run trials on Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers, Plant Coatings, Seed Treatments, Drip Tape and specialized equipment each year. From this we select how we will set up our agronomic plan each year for the various crops that we raise. You can put us to work testing your product to provide data for your customers too.


Field Monitoring

A systematic management system is in place to oversee each project, from receipt of seed to its return. Once seeds are planted, a schedule is set in motion ensuring proper fertilizers and pesticides are applied when needed in the correct amounts.

To ensure the thoroughness and accuracy of each project, our fields are monitored two to three times per week during the crop cycle by different staff members. Customers can submit lines free of charge for study during the summer season in order to receive the flowering data required for their winter season operation.

Data Driven Hand Crossing Blocks

Flowering information is available on leading industry lines to assist in developing your planting instructions. 3MG plants an annual flowering study to learn how different leading industry lines perform in Puerto Rico. Flowering data on lines submitted by participating Genetic Suppliers are planted between May and August with data available in time for your Contra Season project. This is a unique service enhancement offered by 3MG to its established customers.

Standard Hand Crossing Blocks

Pollination is facilitated by a 2-4 separation pattern; 2 male rows planted to the left and 4 females to the right. While different male-female number configurations are possible, we prefer the left male/ right female pattern be used to fit our six-row planter. Furthermore, this configuration helps maintain consistency. Our staff is highly experienced in working this configuration and this allows more efficiency in working the field and machine planting of delays for either male or female rows.

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