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We are here to assist you! Here are some important documents and instructions to take into consideration when shipping material to us. Please read it carefully, as breaking these procedures may cause delays and problems with your shipments.  Always remember that you can contact us to deal with anything related to your shipments!



USDA Requirements

USDA_logoInspection Certificate

All plants and/or vegetative propagating material (including seeds cultivated, maintained or capable of propagation, distribution or sale) introduced into Puerto Rico must be free from sand, soil, earth, and other foreign matter and must be accompanied by an inspection certificate.

An inspection certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate) is required by the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture Plant Quarantine Services, the authority responsible for enforcing plant quarantine regulations in the state. 

The certificate must provide the following information:

  • Name of the state where the material was cultivated.
Name and address of the consignee and importer.
Accepted common name or scientific name of the plant.
Assurance the material was duly inspected and is apparently free of plant pests.
Date of Shipment

For all further queries feel free to contact us! You may also consult the USDA Website or the Puerto Rico Department of Agriculture Plant Quarantine Services on (787) 722-5301 / (787) 724-4627.

3MG Packaging Instructions

Nursery and Grow-out seeds should be sent in envelopes with holes.

Envelopes should be stapled as far down as possible ensuring flap is closed.

Envelopes should be arranged by entry number in a divided box.

We recommend passing a string through the holes or placing tape over the rows to maintain envelope in place.

 Shipment should be accompanied with a file including the entries enclosed in the shipment, any specific instructions and contact information including name, telephone number and email. Also send the shipment tracking number and an electronic version of the entry list via email. This will help us to get started setting up your project before seed arrival and to ensure a smooth delivery of your precious seed.



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3MG Shipping Procedures

3MG Puerto Rico is dedicated to providing our clients any necessary assistance for an effective project. To assist in expediting seed transfers, the following shipping information should be provided to us by fax to +1-787-845-4645 or by email to [email protected]:

  • Name of Project
  • Description of Product
  • Name of Carrier
  • Tracking Number
  • Date of Shipment

Required Shipping Documentation (for both Local and International shipments)

  • Phytosanitary certificate: 3 copies inside each box, 1 copy outside the box.
  • Export Declaration (contact carrier for information).
  • Copy of 3MG Import Permit Certificate and Number (contact Shipping Department at 787-845-4600).
  • Commercial Invoice including description and value of goods.


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