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We have two hybrid products currently available for the Caribbean area. Many products are under evaluation for other geographies.

Durayield is our trademark for corn inbreds and hybrids developed under our Managed Stress Environments and Extreme Stress Breeding methodologies. Each of these products is non-GMO with elevated levels of tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses that can occur during the growing season.

Durayield is a constantly evolving product. As new genes are identified, they are added to the existing gene pool of Durayield. We are also dedicated to shortening the cropping cycle of Durayield products. This reduces not only the farmer’s risk to weather events, it also reduces the plant needs for water and nutrients by having less growing time. Shorter crop cycles allow more crops to be grown per year on the same land. Double-cropping becomes a possibility in more areas. If not double-cropping, cover crops and other sustainable management practices become possible for improved soil management.

Durayield products can be grown at lower plant populations per acre versus other products to achieve maximum yield. This allows more efficient use of available water and nutrients. Our industry has been promoting higher plant populations per acre as the key to more bushels per acre. This has been true but also self-serving. You get what you select for in a breeding program. The high population trend does not make sense to us.

If you have a factory in a town and desire to build more widgets in that town, you do not build a second factory. You study your production line to understand where the bottleneck is that reduces your production capability. You make improvements to that area of production which may require an increase of facility size or not, but you can definitely increase your production of widgets without building another factory to run in conjunction with your existing factory.

We believe the same principle applies to corn plant population per acre. Why use up valuable resources such as water and nutrients to build another plant to create more grain when improving per plant output of grain would be a much more efficient use of resources? To make this simple change of thought process is very difficult for the seed industry. It is also difficult for many farmers to make this mindset change, but it will become necessary as water supplies tighten.

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