3MG North Services

3MG North provides our clients with a wide array of services that are geared towards taking the guess work out of agricultural practices while maximizing benefits of modern scientific advances in agronomics and agriculture.  Our experienced staff has the educational background and experience to facilitate a variety of agronomic tests, trials and nursery services.    Below are descriptions of the services we provide.

Crop Testing

  • Grain Corn
  • Silage Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Replicated Yield Trial Locations in MN, ND, SD, IA and NE
  • Replicated Yield Trial Set-up
  • Trial Design
  • Seed Packaging
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  • Data Analysis
  • Nursery

    • Hand Crossing Blocks
    • Selfing Blocks
    • Conversion Nursery
    • Gene Checking
    • Isolated Crossing Blocks
    • Foundation Seed Increases
    • Custom Seed Processing for small lots with a color sorter
    • Seed Treatment

    Agronomic Studies

    • Population Studies
    • Seed Treatment Trials
    • Fungicide Trials
    • Insecticide Trials
    • Biological Treatment Trials
    • Herbicide Sensitivity Screening
    • Inbreds
  • Hybrids
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    Replicated Yield Trials

    Allow our customers to obtain data about particular hybrids or varieties and how they perform under different environmental conditions.  This provides our customers with the data needed to select better-yielding and more viable products for their market areas.

    3MG North seeks out various field conditions from heavy to light soils and follow multiple crops to really understand genetic performance for proper placement of products. It is our mission to help the seed retailer find the right products for their market area.

    Plant / Crop Breeding

    Conversion Nurseries
    • Targeted Trait Breeding
    • Leafy
  • BMR
  • High Oil
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