3MG North

Established in 2011, 3MG North is located in the Corn Capital of Olivia, Minnesota. 3MG North staff is dedicated to research services for seed and agronomic testing in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. Our experienced personnel will assist you in designing the best plan to meet your specific business needs. Our team will then help carry out your plan by utilizing our equipment to take your crop from nursery, replicated yield trials to experimental hybrid production. Our extensive experience at 3MG Caribe gives us the proper tools to handle early-inbred increases, nurseries and experimental hybrids more suited to northern climates.

Our services are custom designed to meet each customer’s unique business needs with dedicated and experienced personnel who understand the need for crop cycle speed.  We are proud to be certified by Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) since 2011, which promotes responsible agricultural practices for the handling of genetics.


Our Vision

Creative genetic and agronomic trials that provide for superior product identification and placement in the early maturity zones.