Company Overview

Established in 2005, 3rd Millennium Genetics LLC is a multi-faceted company that is dedicated to providing our customers with improved genetic alternatives through diverse products and excellent service programs. Our company has two locations that enable us to take advantage of distinct climate and environmental factors in order to offer a wide range of services that result in better products and more comprehensive research results. We take pride in offering our customers the highest quality products and superior service required to make your projects successful, sustainable and prolific.

Company History

Three friends joined together and decided to enter into a business arrangement that would provide services for the seed industry. 3rd Millennium Genetics was formed on July 7th , 2005 in Santa Isabel, PR. This is the only locally owned seed business in Puerto Rico. Each of these three friends brings in agricultural expertise to the business. This experience ranges from the seed industry, general farming, fruit and vegetable production, irrigation, construction, management and finance.

In our first year of operation we had planned on 50 acres of contracted research work on one of the friends’ farm. We realized from the beginning we needed to demonstrate to our potential customers that we were serious about pest control if we were going to get anyone’s attention to do business with us in Puerto Rico. Our first equipment purchase was a large Miller Nitro sprayer. This was a big investment for us, and it was well worth it. We ended up planting 186 acres of contracted corn work that first season. More important than the equipment have been the people we have hired over the following seasons to provide a high level of service to our customers.

This large initial year of business propelled us into steady growth and we continue investing heavily into personnel, equipment and facilities to this day. We have now grown 20 different crops at 3rd Millennium Genetics. Corn is still our largest crop each year, but soybeans, sorghum and rice are very significant crops for us. We now have more than 100 different customers from 12 different countries working with us in Puerto Rico.

We added a second farm to our business in 2007 and a third farm in 2011 to meet the demand for contracted services. This increased land capacity also required us to increase our staff size when each growth spurt occurred. We are now up to 35 full time employees, and we hire up to 200 temporary workers during the high season. The seed industry has seen unprecedented adoption of new technology and we have been happy to assist where we can.

2013 has been another year of expansion for us. We have added 3MG Caribe, 3MG R&D and 3MG North under our 3rd Millennium Genetics umbrella. 3MG Caribe is our contract research and foundation seed service unit with which most of our customers are familiar. 3MG R&D is focused on developing Durayield corn products. 3MG North offers contracted nursery and replicated yield trial services out of Olivia, MN. We also built a dedicated facility for one of our customers to assist in the management of their project.

Puerto Rico has become a large player in international seed development due to its tropical climate, which provides a continuous growing season. We are proud to be a part of that growth. 2014 will be another exciting year at 3rd Millennium Genetics. Please join us for the fun!


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to seek out more efficient and productive ways to bring forth better crops while providing the highest quality service to our clients.